Thanks for visiting.
The Tsimblwerks has been inactive for a few years due to a large backlog and other projects.
I hope that by Autumn 2016 that I will be ready for new orders.
Nice people are welcome to email me if they think I might have information of use to them.
all the best - Rivke Lela Reid, proprietor בעל־הבית
Ruvi Tsimbler's Tsimblwerks by Rivke Lela Reid works with tsimbl, בלמיצ, Cymbala, Tsymbaly, Цимбали, Cymbalom and Ţambal Mic playing, building, selling, importing and repairs. Evolved from my own needs as a tsimblist and the needs of other practicing and aspiring tsimblists, I am building and seeking out others to make instruments and accessories more available to the klezmervelt and cymbalagemeinschaften in the US and Canada.
Tsimblwerks Test Pattern
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Ruvi Tsimbler's Tsimblwerks by Rivke Lela Reid
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